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ereviews's Garage


2009-04-30 01:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Comfort, Visibility, Gas Mileage, Generates Excitement Cons: None
The Bottom Line: This
is a great car, that is fun to drive, and saves money on gas.

2009-04-30 01:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: good fuel, roomy, comfortable on long rides. Cons: no pickup, poor customer
service, lack of real warranty coverage.
The Bottom Line: SCION XB is full of options. If I had one more, I would opt to give it
back. Don't get fooled buy the TOYOTA label.

2009-04-30 01:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: No haggling sales! Cons: Read & you'll find out..... it's pretty much a
little bit of everything.
The Bottom Line: Would not buy this car or any other Saturn for that matter. I am not happy with taking
the car in every month or two when it's new.

2009-04-30 01:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: roomy, cool design, good performance, fairly good mileage Cons: has needed few
minor repairs
The Bottom Line: If you're looking at cars in the same price range as the Saturn ION, I would recommend buying it.