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2008 BMW 3-Series 335i 4dr Sedan RWD

2008 BMW 3-Series
Trim Info:
Rear Wheel Drive, 4 Door Sedan, Compact
19 mpg city / 29 mpg hwy
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2008 BMW 3-Series

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BMW M3 saloon driven – The BMW M3 saloon has two more doors, weighs 25kg extra, features blander taillights and, at £49,415, costs £1415 less than its E92 coupe sibling. Anyone with an internet connection can work that out. But, and here’s the key questio Source:

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Comparison: 2008 BMW M3 - America's Best Handling Car Contender Video – Check out the first read-drive entry in our Best Handling Car competition, the BMW M3.... Source:

BMW M3 CSL Gets The Boot – There’s really no other way to say it. BMW has announced that the delicious, light-weight CSL version of the already killer (but hefty) M3 we were anxiously awaiting ain’t happening. The Bavarians say that it knocked the CSL off the shelf to “ Source:

1999 BMW M3 - Show'n Go – 1999 BMW M3 - Show'n GoKim Miller's M3 Convertible IS ALL About Show But The Supercharged Motor Means It Has Plenty Of Go.I can already see the all-too-common scenario: The cocky driver in a Nissan 350Z is slowing down as he approaches a traffic ligh Source:

AUTOFILE: 2008 BMW M3: Mmm, good: BMW's M3 is close to perfect – To the glee of enthusiasts everywhere, BMW has unleashed the latest take on its stellar M3. Source:

2008 BMW 335i - Love To Hate It – 2008 BMW 335i - Love To Hate ItCarlos' 2008 BMW 335i sees over 20 shows a year and boasts a never-ending list of sponsors.We have to warn you: By the end of this story you might hate the man you're reading about! Photo Gallery: 2008 BMW 335i - Carlos Source:

VIDEO: BMW Performance releases 3-Series teaser – Filed under: Sedans/Saloons, Videos, BMWWe're always up for a new 3-Series, and a performance variant straight from the manufacturer is even better. It looks like a new Bimmer is forthcoming from BMW performance, and the post-jump YouTube video shows Source:

BMW M3 convertible--Drivers log: – SENIOR EDITOR BOB GRITZINGER: Tune an already superb 3-series chassis to M level, add a 414-hp V8 heart stopper tied to a supermanageable seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, toss in a spectacular interior, and what could possibly be missing? Maybe. Source:

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